Tech Center Research Park

Accelerate innovation
and your success


Accelerate innovation and your success

Live - play - innovate

Innovation doesn't stop at the end of the work day. The best ideas can be sparked over lunch. Imaginations can run wild in a cycle class. Powerful connections can be made between neighbors.

At Tech Center Research Park, you'll find a community where world-class business ventures meet upscale apartments, shops, restaurants, entertainment and healthy living.

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Make connections - make history

Everyone has heard stories of start-ups in garages, but the parts that get left out are the connections, investments and mentorships that bring those ventures out of the home and into the history books.

That’s why the Tech Center Research Park has built itself around relationships — creating a community that can’t help but collaborate, learn, grow and release world-changing innovations.

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Create forward momentum

Tech Center’s events scene tackles big topics in small time, brings you trends in innovation and fosters ongoing learning. From Tech Talks (think TED Talks, but our own flavor!) to networking sessions, there’s always a chance to think and connect.

And since no one’s all work and no play, we also host happy hours, engaging workshops and more—all brought right to your workplace.

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