ITA International Receives Patent for Innovative Lead Detection Technology, LeadMAP

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May 1, 2024

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., May 16, 2024 – ITA International (ITA), a technology-enabled professional services company, has secured a patent for LeadMAP, a cutting-edge lead detection kit designed to significantly enhance public health and safety through safe drinking water compliance.  LeadMAP’s unique ability to detect both dissolved and particulate lead positions it as an essential tool for facilities nationwide, responding proactively to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) updated regulations. Designed for field testing, this breakthrough provides a fast, easy and inexpensive alternative to the laboratory testing currently required to effectively test for lead.

“We began working on LeadMAP in 2017, anticipating the need for a rapid, inexpensive, accurate and easy-to-use kit to screen for lead,” said Dr. Cary Hill, inventor of LeadMAP and director, Nanomaterial and Emerging Contaminant Safety at ITA. “Unlike current test strips that fail to detect insoluble lead or lead compounds—often stemming from plumbing and solder or mineral scale—LeadMAP efficiently identifies these contaminants. As regulations tighten and the demand for testing increases, our solution stands ready to assist administrators and custodians in ensuring the safety of their water sources efficiently.”

LeadMAP, developed through Small Business Innovative Research funding by the EPA, addresses the challenges posed by the recent updates to the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule. Designed for rapid, accurate, and cost-effective screening, LeadMAP is an essential tool for educational facilities, daycare centers and other public institutions required to test water sources for lead contamination.

“The patent for LeadMAP (Patent No. 11,971,398) not only cements ITA’s position as a leader in technological innovations but also highlights our commitment to addressing some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges,” said Mike Melo, chief executive officer and founder of ITA. “LeadMAP’s portability allows for comprehensive testing of all potential lead sources within a facility, transforming it into an invaluable resource for maintaining public health standards. As we continue to align this technology with the EPA’s stringent requirements, we ensure that communities have access to safe, clean drinking water.”

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