The Tech Center Advantage

757 Angels Recognized as a Leading Angel Group in North America
November 23, 2020
Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center selected to lead innovative new lab space model in Southwest Virginia
March 23, 2021

With job loss at an all-time high, 2020 seemed to be a year of broken dreams.

But that did not stop American innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Continuing a 19-year trend, entrepreneurship rates continued to rise last year, creating new solutions to age-old problems. But how did these entrepreneurs get started? Seeking out online resources, webinars, appealing to friends to look over their business plans. Each coffee date renewing a spark of passion for the solution in their minds.

What if there was a place that offered those resources in your own backyard? To put it simply, there is.

Tech Center offers the entrepreneur access to workshops, innovators, and collaborators creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem. From coffee tag ups with our director, Jeff Johnson, to our Business Basics workshop series, our goal is to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

So how do you take advantage of these resources?

Tech Center’s variety of events aim to assist entrepreneurs in all stages of development.

Just getting started and need to talk out your plans with an experienced innovator?

  • Jeff Johnson holds Startup Chatups every Thursday, by RSVP, to provide local entrepreneurs with a sounding board for their business ideas.

Need more information before starting your business?

  • Our new Business Basics Workshops will delve into everything you need to know about being a new business owner. Featuring seasoned professionals, this series will be an interactive and educational lifeline.

Looking to join a venture already in the works?

  • Our Tech Talks series gives innovators an opportunity to get their product or idea in front of an audience, helping them to find investors, engineers, employees, and more.

Want to network with like-minded people?

  • Gather holds a speed networking event, where you can meet local innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as take advantage of a free day of coworking.

These events are just a sample of the types of resources that you can take advantage of in the 757. Which one will you attend?