1How much does it cost to join the Tech Center Research Park?
Depending on the size of your company and the level of services you need, you can find options ranging from $100 to $700/person/month.
2What does membership include?
It starts with a high-end workspace with modern furniture, research-grade Internet speeds, phone systems, printers and copiers. But you also get access to conference rooms, operational support, concierge services and even stocked kitchens. And since Tech Center believes that ideas happen in and out of the office, members enjoy regular workshops, networking events and all the convenience of the Center’s walking trails, restaurants and shops.
3Are there fees to use the Internet or conference rooms?
Not at all. All of our services are unmetered and bundled into the monthly price, so it’s the same every month with no surprise add-ons.
4How does Tech Center provide an advantage for entrepreneurs?
The Tech Center is a development unlike any in the world. Nowhere else do start-ups, academic institutions, large corporations and venture capitalists co-mingle in a community filled with restaurants, shops, entertainment, apartments and walking/biking trails. With a full curriculum of workshops, ideation sessions, networking events and community programs, the Tech Center is fostering an environment of unprecedented connection and inspiration. A place that fuels entrepreneurs leads to breakthrough innovation.
5Do I have to sign a lease to rent an office?
All leases are month-to-month. If things change for your company and you need to give back some or all of your space, we just ask for 30 days notice.
6How much is the deposit?
We know that for many ambitious businesses, cash may be scarce. We ask only for a deposit equal to your first month’s rent.
7What happens if my business starts growing?
First of all, that’s great -- and that’s exactly what we are built for. Start out with only what you need and expand into a larger space when you’re ready. With our operational services, we make sure your move or expansion is quick and easy.
8Do most companies stay at Tech Center Research Park for awhile?
We’re in the first stages of developing this one-of-a-kind center, but the area is home to renowned corporations who have been here for decades -- world-class institutions like NASA’s Langley Research Center, The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab), and Canon. With our flexible options for growing or changing spaces, Tech Center is designed to be a permanent home from start-up to Fortune 100.
9What if we need to host a really, really, really big meeting?
Tech Center members can reserve a variety of conference rooms with a click or a tap. Choose from conversational, living room styles to more formal boardrooms with the latest technologies. Our operational and concierge services are available to make it feel like it only belongs to you.
10I’m thinking of relocating. What’s it like to live in Newport News, VA?
Where else can you find an extremely low cost of living with such close proximity to commerce centers like Washington, D.C., New York, Charlotte and Atlanta? Newport News boasts a tight-knit community filled with parks, trails, live music, excellent restaurants, top-notch schools and leading global corporations. It's an urban environment, nestled in a cradle of STEM economy. You’ll find a highly trained workforce ready to learn, manage and grow with your company -- and a bunch of new neighbors who can’t wait to meet you.
11How quickly can I move in?
For most companies, you can be in a few days after signing your lease.
12How else can we help?